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Sneak Peak : The Attack on Glowbuleville

December 2, 2008

Today we’re announcing the release date for our 2nd Facebook game – The Attack on Glowbuleville. A public Beta version will be made available on December 15th. The game is simple, cute, challenging, funny and easily learned.

The game

You take on the role of a young hero, which has to save his village, Glowbuleville, from occupation by the evil Gorbs. You have to enter every house, whack every Gorb and save the innocent Globules that are held captive. You begin with a twig but as you work your way up, you are able to pick up better whacking weapons and other things that will help you succeed.

Your profile is a very important aspect of the game. There, you can see what trophies you have achieved, how your journey is going and what you need to improve. You can also view the profile of your friends and compare your success to theirs.

We’ve been working hard at making this game a great community experience!

Screen shots

Enough text. Here are some screen shots!

The Store

The Store - Where players can purchase items, upgrades and weapons.

A hut

A hut - Players enter huts and fight the evil Gorbs by whacking them

Players Profile

Players Profile - Check out all the stats, facts and figures!

Two Years Old

May 9, 2008

birthdayGogogic recently crawled over the 2 year mark – which is a pretty good thing. It means that we’re still around while statistics show that a lot of companies fall apart when trying to take their first steps. The first two years are crucial. And we are alive and kicking – healthy and growing! So far, so good.

So, we held a party last Friday. Of course we bought too much beer – but maybe that was sub-consciously on purpose… who knows? Anyway, the party was brilliant – which was good, since this is the first time we hold a party where we invite “other people” to come look at us (like in a zoo), our work and our oh-so-plain-and-dull desks.

But here’s the real point of the post. When we sent out a reminder for our party, we wanted to do something that would catch the eye of those who took a look at our reminder. We wanted them to really really (really) remember the party invitation. So we set up a little flash “poster”. Sorry, its in Icelandic – but anyone should be able to enjoy this… just as long as you don’t touch the bunnies!



Project: ENNEMM Site (coverflow)

January 21, 2008

Ennemm Site Project

Just another friendly project announcement! Last week we released a new site for one of Iceland’s biggest ad agencies, ENNEMM. We think it is pretty cool and our client is very happy with the result. Again, we used our Cover Flow engine to stylize the front page – to build a very clean and accessible “campaign gallery” section. The cover flow functionality is a natural fit when it comes to visually browsing through “stuff” and we suspect that we will see more and more of it as a natural and commonly used control for general browsing – both on and off web.

We took great care when it came to motion, movement and functionality – we wanted to keep the site very clean and simple, yet exciting and alluring. The site also needed to be able to feature images, sound and videos within each campaign.

We also created a back-end system for the site, as well. It handles video and image conversions, campaign setup and maintenance.


Project: Photo of the Week – Iceland Express

January 21, 2008

Photo of the Week - Iceland Express

We just finished a small project for Iceland Express. It is called “Photo of the week”, which basically wraps around a collaboration between photographic genius and web sensation Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir and Iceland Express.

Our job was to create a frame that would fit within the Iceland Express web, holding true to their visual style and web template. The frame also needed to allow the photos to really shine but, at the same time, we needed to fit additional information “along the edges” – so to speak… and that’s basically what we did.

We created a little navigational “slider” control, which allows users to really soak up each “photo of the week” while they can still reach additional information easily (and pleasantly). We also used LightBox (javascript) to layer the photo over the whole screen – when clicked on. We think the final result looks pretty cool!