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Vikings of Thule back online after short maintenance period

May 20, 2010

After some maintenance, Vikings of Thule is back online!  The volcano has spewed the last of its cruel ash, which has caused havoc amongst the game’s common folk over the past days.

Now that the correct number of followers are making their way home, you will be rewarded handsomely for your bravery. Log in now to claim your reward of 350 silver coins!!

Gogogic amongst top companies in Iceland!

May 10, 2010

For the second year in a row, Gogogic has been chosen as one of the best companies in Iceland, based on a survey from the VR work union!

Thank you for the honor, Iceland, and we intend to stay true to this title! 

Gogogic FOR THE WIN!

Thule is evolving! A major update for Vikings of Thule is released today!

April 29, 2010

We have been hard at work to make this latest update something really special. We are adding many long-awaited features and improvements to make Vikings of Thule the best it has ever been! This latest update will include:

  • Introduction of Witches! Players will now be able to convert freemen into Witches, which produce runes each day.
  • In-Game Messaging System! Yes, you can now send messages to other Vikings. Simply click the avatar, or select a name in the settlement list, and click “Send Message.” The message will appear in that player’s inbox, where they can then reply if they so choose.
  • Changes to Manage tab and Followers.
  • Your followers now require some upkeep. As any leader knows, followers cost money and resources. The price depends on the type of follower.
  • Each Peasant will cost 2 ore per day.
  • Each Huskarl will cost 10 ore per day.
  • Each Jarl will cost 60 resources.
  • Each Witch will cost 5 ore and 10 resources per day.
  • The cost is deducted every day, so be sure to keep a good amount of ore and resources, otherwise your followers will stop producing assets.
  • Each land unit allows players to have 20 followers. If a player has more followers than the land permits, excess followers will be removed in the following order: Freemen, Jarls, Witches, Huskarls, Peasants. These rules will take effect in one week, so you have time to sell any excess Followers.
  • Many new special items are available in the marketplace.
    Bug fixes and Data Script corrections.
    Most of the bugs that have been interrupting the dueling system should have been fixed. Duels should no longer freeze.
    Datascript has been corrected in the special items that were not working. All special items should be working correctly again.

All of this is coming today! If you would like to see what else is planned for the future of the game, or would like to make any suggestions, please visit our official forums at

Gogogic at Nordic Game Conference 2010

April 27, 2010

Nordic Game

Some of the Gogogic team will be at the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö this week. Say hello if you happen to be there!

Limited Edition Special Item this week in Vikings of Thule!

April 8, 2010

Glowing Idol of Freyja

The Ever-Glowing Idol of Freyja, the goddess of love and beauty, brings warmth to the weary hearts of Thule. This limited edition special item will give players +10 RP per day!

Want to earn it? It’s simple! All you have to do is tag Gogogic in a Facebook status update once during the next week! Starting now until 10:00 next Thursday, the 15th of April! We will see who does so on the pages, and the item will be deposited into those inventories during the afternoon of the 15th of April. Don’t know how to tag? Simply type the @ sign, and type Gogogic.

The Glowing Idol of Frigg

March 8, 2010

Thank you to all who have played Vikings of Thule and helped us successfully launch the game! To show our appreciation, all who played the game last week (between March 1st and March 8th) have just been awarded with a limited edition special item!

Glowing Idol of Frigg

The Glowing Idol of Frigg will give you +3 RP per day and should now be in your inventories!

Vikings of Thule has been updated, though slow tonight

February 17, 2010

Vikings of Thule’s new update is now running, but due to a hardware problem with the server, the game will be running quite slow until we can get it fixed tomorrow. We thank you for your patience.

The update brings many new improvements, changes, and social interaction. Remember, we will have some more updates and changes soon, but for now, enjoy the game!

Vikings of Thule receives an Update tomorrow!

February 16, 2010

Vikings of Thule will be offline for a few hours early tomorrow while we are updating! As we move closer to the end of the beta era, Vikings of Thule is receiving many exciting new updates to make the playing experience a memorable one for new players and our veteran players, as well.

In this update, you can expect to see a better registration process, a brand new tutorial with gives rewards during and after completion, an improved marketplace with better sorting options, post to profile options to boast about your achievements on Facebook, many profile changes and a new game header with easier options to become a fan or leave feedback.

A major change we have made concerns an issue many players share regarding forfeiting during duels. Those who forfeit will now incur penalties and the player remaining will receive rewards for their valiance. If a player decides to forfeit a battle, a confirmation window will pop up and alert them that they will lose the cost of the battle, their runes, and 50% of the respect points they would have lost during the battle. The player remaining will be refunded their duel costs, have their used runes returned and other small rewards which may not all be in place yet. We hope this helps in keeping fair game play and adds to the enjoyment and challenge in playing.

We plan on releasing another update in the near future where we will have fixed any bugs that we may spot after this update and will include even more features, including the introduction of using your Wights during duels! We are also in the process of creating the official Gogogic forums, which will be linked from the game’s header bar. The forums will be a bit plain at first, but we can make it an exciting location to hold discussions with your help and feedback. Vikings of Thule will have its own forum, as will each of Gogogic’s other titles. In the coming months, we also plan on including messages, an in-game chat system, more assets, new battle cards, mini-games, town management options, quests, missions and the option to form alliances.

Exciting times are happening and we look forward to seeing you all in Thule!

Gogogic interviewed by ZillionMonkey

February 3, 2010

Are you curious about Gogogic?  Would you like to know who we are and what we do?

Gogogic was recently interviewed by ZillionMonkey, a gaming blog based in Japan.  The interview covers what Gogogic does, casual gaming and, of course, Vikings of Thule! 

Get to know us a bit better!  You can find this interview at

More about the Vikings of Thule Update

January 19, 2010

Gogogic releases a new update for Vikings of Thule on January 19th, 2010. This update will include:
New features:
Many new items are now available in the marketplace
Gain RP by wearing garments, having the best armor, or wielding devastating weapons.
The “buy” button has been activated and you may now purchase silver coins.

Arrange and save the order of cards in your deck.
Prevent accidental trades or sales with new confirmation windows.
Instantly move positions in your “Friends Bar” as you rank higher.
Text changes have been made throughout the game.

Bug Fixes:
Duel gains have been fixed to give the correct amounts.
Player profiles now show their special items and Wight.
Player names no longer linger in the duel lobby after they have left.
Minor fixes have been applied to the management of land and followers section.
Some issues, which previously caused the game to freeze, have been fixed.
We have hopefully fixed all bugs concerning cards in the deck vanishing or being grayed out.
Players at rank 107 no longer show negative RP.
Game sounds have been improved.
Players should now receive the correct amount of points and rewards throughout the game.