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Gogogic at Icelandic Gaming Industry event

September 10, 2010

Gogogic is proud to be a part of The Icelandic Gaming Industry, a group of 8 gaming companies in Iceland. The group formed early in May of 2009 but was formally established as a part of the Federation of Icelandic Industries (SI) on September 24th, 2009. To celebrate its first year in existence IGI will host a conference at one of Iceland’s most impressive spots, the Blue Lagoon, on September 24th, 2010.


The title of the conference is “The first IGI anniversary Conference: The future is… bright……. “. The title of the conference highlights the optimism that exists within the IGI. Currently more than 400 people work for the eight member companies in Iceland, and on a global scale the companies have close to 800 employees. The conference will therefore focus on the opportunities that lie before us as companies in the gaming sector of the digital entertainment industry. The speakers will focus on the global opportunities for the gaming industry by discussing the future of digital media and entertainment, how it will be used and produced. Speakers will also focus on the Icelandic Gaming Industry and how companies in Iceland can be a part of the global gaming industry in the future.

Keynote speakers for the event will include:

Pablos Holman – Futurist
Jason Della Rocca – Perimeter partners

Other speakers include:

Andie Nordgren – CCP
Peter Warman – Newzoo
Ville Miettinen – Microtasks
Torfi Frans Ólafsson – CCP
Jonathan Osborne – Gogogic
Deepa Lyengar – Mindgames
Þorsteinn Högni Gunnarsson – CCP
Jónas Björgvin Antonsson – Gogogic

Registration on (

For group registration please contact Björn H. Reynisson or Þórey Þ. Þórarinsdóttir

Further information on speakers and titles will be available shortly.

This conference is held in cooperation with:

Federation of Icelandic Industries
The trade council of Iceland

An update for Vikings of Thule today!

March 12, 2010

The last update brought many great changes, leading us to officially launch the game.  We have seen interest and activity in Vikings of Thule rise greatly over the past few weeks, and are very happy with the direction the game is headed.  Today brings another update to the game.  Features will include:

  • The first Special Items arrive in the marketplace!  Each item gives valuable rewards.  The more you collect the more benefits your Viking will see.
  • You are able to set a default option when posting game achievements to your profile.  If you click yes or no, the game will remember that as your default option.  You can change this default at any time.
  • We have taken the limit off of the number of trade slots each person can have.  You will now be able to purchase as many trade slots as you wish.  Please take note, the price per slot has slightly changed.
  • We have also fixed some of the bugs that have appeared since the last updates.  Most of the connection and loading problems have been fixed.  The battlefield has also been cleaned up so that fewer offline players will linger.

All of this is coming today!  If you would like to see what else is planned for the future of the game, or would like to make any suggestions, please visit our official forums at

Press Release: Vikings of Thule

March 3, 2010


Gogogic releases Vikings of Thule, a unique and engaging multiplayer social online game for Facebook.

REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND – MARCH 2, 2010 – Gogogic announces the launch of Vikings of Thule, an innovative social MMORPG for Facebook.  Vikings of Thule offers Facebook gamers the opportunity to set sail for the promised land of Thule where they will be able to gain riches, earn respect, duel with others in live, animated battles and secure a place in the Althingi (pronounced All-Thing-Ee) where the top 39 players that rule the land hold a vote on its parliament and ultimately determine the evolution of the game.

In Vikings of Thule, gamers will unleash the devastating power of Thule’s mythical creatures, Wights, to join them in a fantasy Viking battle of legend.  The game features an in-game marketplace with many clothing items, weapons, armor and special items to develop your persona throughout your experience.  Players have the ability to show their Viking abilities via postings based on their in-game achievements.  The game is designed to make an extensive social gaming experience easily accessible to new players via an informative tutorial.  Along with the launch of Vikings of Thule, there will be official discussion forums where players will gather to share tips, leave feedback, and chat to form guilds, clans and communities.  With its Viking background and innovative player vs. player gameplay, Vikings of Thule is ready to provide a new Role Playing experience to Facebook users.  For more information online, please visit or

About Gogogic ehf

Headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland, Gogogic ehf was created by a group of passionate gamers to build and introduce new and innovative social games on a variety of platforms including social networks, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The company’s mission is to grow and become an exciting, influential provider of innovative and emerging gaming experiences while crossing platforms to enhance each release.

Information on Today’s Vikings of Thule Update

February 26, 2010

After months of testing, fixing, and listening to the very helpful feedback you have all left, Vikings of Thule is dropping the beta label and we are proud to officially launch the game!  We thank every player who helped us spot bugs and shared their ideas on how to improve the game.  Your involvement was vital to making the game what it is today.  We are now ready to present Vikings of Thule to a larger audience, which we know will add to the excitement and competition of the game.  As a gift, and incentive to keep playing, everyone who signs in at least once next week will be awarded with a very special item!  More information on the item will be posted in the coming days.

This next update will include new features, some improvements, plenty of fixes for those pesky bugs that have been appearing, and the introduction of a new home for our player discussions.

The wights are finally being introduced to the game.  All of our “old” players over rank 10 will automatically get the move to use in duels.  New players will be able to choose their wight after they reach rank 10.  If the wight they choose resides in a different quadrant, the players will have to move to a new settlement in the appropriate quadrant.  Using the wights in battle will help you become a stronger Viking chief and the gods will reward you handsomely for your achievements when summoning these mighty beasts in battle.

We have fixed many of the bugs that arose with the last updates.  Text should appear correctly within the tutorial and throughout the game, loading problems and slow speeds have been improved, the status of your silver coins should show correctly, and the game window should no longer be cut off at the bottom.

We are also launching the official Gogogic forums at  These forums will now play host to all player discussions and should provide a friendly, interesting environment in which to ask questions, share tips with other players, receive news or announcements, and discuss random topics.  The layout will be very raw at first, but we will continue to make improvements.  We ask for your feedback in what you would like to see from the forums to make you want to come back more often.  The forums should officially open on Monday, March 1st.  You can easily access the forum by clicking the in-game Forum button.

As an incentive to be amongst the first to join the new forum, we have posted the complete list of Special Items in the game, what each does, and how to obtain them!  This list is not available anywhere else yet!  This much anticipated list will show as an announcement in Viking of Thule’s “Tips & Tricks” forum!  We will also be moving old discussion threads into the new forums so you can continue any discussions you had going in the Facebook pages.  Another feature on the forum is the “roadmap,” a list of all the features for Vikings of Thule that we are either already working on or plan to include in the coming months.  This list is not a guarantee that these features will be included, but it should give you an idea of what to expect from Vikings of Thule in the future!

We will also be adding the first special items to the marketplace very soon!  Players will be able to purchase these extravagant items for a fair price.  The gods have placed handsome rewards for each item and those with the most will surely have a higher chance of earning their place on Althingi.

There is plenty of excitement in Thule.  Enjoy the game!

Soft Freak Fiesta Lite is now available!

February 24, 2010

Soft Freak Fiesta Lite is now available as a free download in the App Store!! softfreaklite Download it now and start bumping against online players around the world using WiFi. Remember, the more people who download the game, the more people you will have to play against. Spread the word and have some freaky fun! You can download the game, for free, at this link:

Vikings of Thule has been updated, though slow tonight

February 17, 2010

Vikings of Thule’s new update is now running, but due to a hardware problem with the server, the game will be running quite slow until we can get it fixed tomorrow. We thank you for your patience.

The update brings many new improvements, changes, and social interaction. Remember, we will have some more updates and changes soon, but for now, enjoy the game!

Vikings of Thule receives an Update tomorrow!

February 16, 2010

Vikings of Thule will be offline for a few hours early tomorrow while we are updating! As we move closer to the end of the beta era, Vikings of Thule is receiving many exciting new updates to make the playing experience a memorable one for new players and our veteran players, as well.

In this update, you can expect to see a better registration process, a brand new tutorial with gives rewards during and after completion, an improved marketplace with better sorting options, post to profile options to boast about your achievements on Facebook, many profile changes and a new game header with easier options to become a fan or leave feedback.

A major change we have made concerns an issue many players share regarding forfeiting during duels. Those who forfeit will now incur penalties and the player remaining will receive rewards for their valiance. If a player decides to forfeit a battle, a confirmation window will pop up and alert them that they will lose the cost of the battle, their runes, and 50% of the respect points they would have lost during the battle. The player remaining will be refunded their duel costs, have their used runes returned and other small rewards which may not all be in place yet. We hope this helps in keeping fair game play and adds to the enjoyment and challenge in playing.

We plan on releasing another update in the near future where we will have fixed any bugs that we may spot after this update and will include even more features, including the introduction of using your Wights during duels! We are also in the process of creating the official Gogogic forums, which will be linked from the game’s header bar. The forums will be a bit plain at first, but we can make it an exciting location to hold discussions with your help and feedback. Vikings of Thule will have its own forum, as will each of Gogogic’s other titles. In the coming months, we also plan on including messages, an in-game chat system, more assets, new battle cards, mini-games, town management options, quests, missions and the option to form alliances.

Exciting times are happening and we look forward to seeing you all in Thule!

IGI Awards in Iceland Review Online

February 9, 2010

Iceland Review has published an article about the IGI (Icelandic Gaming Industry) and the IGI Awards, both of which Gogogic is very proud to be a part of.

Follow the link to read a bit more on how Icelandic Game Companies are working together to help young developers find the tools and knowledge to turn their ideas into reality.

Edge Magazine’s Region Specific: Iceland

January 12, 2010

Gogogic is one of the companies honored to be featured in a recent Edge Magazine article investigating the gaming industry in our home country of Iceland.  Read through this interesting article and learn a bit more about the ”most intoxicatingly energetic game development scene,” Iceland.


Meet the Vikings of Thule at Gamescom 2009

August 15, 2009

gamescom logo

Independent Icelandic game developer Gogogic is revealing further details about its upcoming MMORPG, Vikings of Thule, in preparation for Gamescom 2009. An open Beta version is set to launch in September and anyone with an active Facebook account can sign up for participation by visiting

Vikings of Thule is a highly polished Flash based Facebook game that includes strategic elements of group management, resource and asset handling, multiplayer battle systems and highly customizable avatars – all within a persistent game world. Gogogic wants Vikings of Thule to set a new standard when it comes to games that are directly tied to larger social networks.

Gogogic is doing even more to push the boundaries with Vikings of Thule. In the future, the company is planning to extend Vikings of Thule onto the iPhone and iPod Touch devices, allowing players to interact with the game world from different angles and perspectives.

The Soft Freaks are coming!

Gogogic has established itself as an iPhone developer and recently the company announced that it was working on Soft Freak Fiesta – a multiplayer game that is specifically designed to take advantage of the unique features and connectivity of the iPhone. People should prepare to bump, bash, and battle it out with cute cuddly finger-friendly freaks over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Of course there will be tons of rewards, achievements, badges, and gadgets to achieve and unlock.
Meet the Vikings

For more information and special pre-promotional Vikings of Thule virtual items, visit the Gogogic booth, located in the Nordic Game show booth. For any inquiries, contact the Gogogic Marketing Team at or visit The Nordic Game booth is located in the Business Area of Gamescom, Hall 4.2, booth nr. J-21, K-20, and it will be open from 9:00 to 19:00 daily, from Wednesday 19 August until Saturday 22 August. About Gogogic