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Sneak Peak : The Attack on Glowbuleville

December 2, 2008

Today we’re announcing the release date for our 2nd Facebook game – The Attack on Glowbuleville. A public Beta version will be made available on December 15th. The game is simple, cute, challenging, funny and easily learned.

The game

You take on the role of a young hero, which has to save his village, Glowbuleville, from occupation by the evil Gorbs. You have to enter every house, whack every Gorb and save the innocent Globules that are held captive. You begin with a twig but as you work your way up, you are able to pick up better whacking weapons and other things that will help you succeed.

Your profile is a very important aspect of the game. There, you can see what trophies you have achieved, how your journey is going and what you need to improve. You can also view the profile of your friends and compare your success to theirs.

We’ve been working hard at making this game a great community experience!

Screen shots

Enough text. Here are some screen shots!

The Store

The Store - Where players can purchase items, upgrades and weapons.

A hut

A hut - Players enter huts and fight the evil Gorbs by whacking them

Players Profile

Players Profile - Check out all the stats, facts and figures!

The Crisis Game Lives

November 30, 2008

spilabordWoha! We’ve been completely overwhelmed by all the positive response that The Crisis Game has generated. Yesterday our CEO was interviewed by a reporter for the Financial Times, and earlier today The Crisis Game was covered on their front page for Europe! You can read the article here.

Iceland Review seems to be the source that got the Financial Times interested in the story. IR covered The Crisis Game a couple of days ago. Read their article here.

But best of all is the response we’ve seen from Icelanders. They’ve already submitted hundreds of cards through the website that we set up ( Our pre-sale price of 2.990 ISK seems to be another positive because the response to our pre-sale offer has been incredible – a lot more than we originally expected. We might have to consider offering more of our stock through pre-sale if the game keeps on selling at this rate.

We are happy, touched, giddy, joyous and incredibly humbled by all of this. What a ride this is shaping up to be 🙂

Gogogic Builds a Board Game

November 25, 2008

kreppu_logoGogogic is launching a board game in December (Iceland only). In Icelandic, the game is called “Kreppuspilið” – or “Recession” “The Crisis Game*”, in English. We see the game as ideal for parties and family gatherings over the holidays. It’s topical, humorous, ironic and – last but not least – fun fun fun.

Usually, Gogogic would not be involved in board game production, but these are unusual circumstances. The concept was brought to us by Valur Þór Gunnarsson, a business contact that lost his job in October through mass layoffs that were in direct connection to Iceland’s declining economy.

Valur instantly became committed to doing something new, fun and creative – never allowing the situation to drag him down. After a couple of weeks of idea work “Kreppuspilið” was born and he decided to talk to us about producing it. Since it is an absolutely crazy idea –  to design, produce, market and sell a board game in just over a month – we decided to commit to the project, mainly because we love crazy ideas. When something seems impossible it becomes more exciting and challenging to pursue.

So, here we are. The game is designed, it is fun and it is ready for production! Who knows – if this goes well, we might produce more board games – or re-design this one for the US market. You might even see an on-line version of it, some day 😉

*NOTE: Financial Times and Iceland Review posted articles that translated Kreppuspilið as The Crisis Game.

Stack’em Looks Good :)

November 1, 2008

Yay! Inside Social Games thinks Stack’em is one of the top 10 best looking games on Facebook! Check it out 🙂

Stellar Review for Stack’em!

September 15, 2008

Inside Social Games reviewed Stack’em last Saturday. Here is an excerpt of what they had to say:

The game play is very simple and easy to learn (stack sheep until you miss three times and loose) which is something more developers should take to heart (you’ve all heard the saying). Gogogic knows the game is simple, so instead of piling on loads of complicated features that so many other designers do, they instead choose to polish this one feature to be as fun and amusing as possible. The game is just funny, and it’s impossible to play without cracking a smile.

Read the full review here!

And play the game here!


Stack’em Released – First Facebook Game!

September 3, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen! We’ve released our very first Facebook game – Stack’em. The story behind the game is simple: stack as many sheep as you possibly can and create the ultimate tower of bleeping sheep! Easy and doable by pressing a single button (although, repeatedly).

When we decided to build games for Facebook, we also wanted to start by launching something simple and addictive. We think we’ve achived that with Stack’em.

We’re currently ironing out a couple of minor issues and we will be updating the game every day for the next week or so. Further updates depend on how well the game does with the Facebook crowd. But we’d love all and any pointers/comments that you maight have 🙂

And oh… We expect to release at least 2 more Facebook games over the next few weeks, with more games rolling out before Christmas!

If you have a Facebook account, add Stack’em here!


Project Launch : Delicious Iceland

August 9, 2008

Recently we launched a site for chef Völundur Snær Völundarson, featuring his gorgeous book “Delicious Iceland”. The site allows users to browse some of the content of the book, send postcards to friends, read articles about the author or just buy the book. It is that simple. Check the site out :


Exposure socks

May 21, 2008


Again, a site we created has won the Site Of The Day award at DesignLicks for today, 21 May. This time the site is – an online campaign we created for Iceland Express. Who doesn’t love traveling and talking sock puppets?
Congratulations to all who worked on the project, and to Iceland Express for the added exposure.

The Beautiful People

April 14, 2008

We just released a small advergame for Síminn in Iceland. Try your skills in this small game by drumming along with the new ‘Meira Frelsi’ anthem. It’s as simple as one, two three!!

[ UPDATE: My highscore is 4009. ] Try and beat that, post your own score in the comments for this post.

Play the game at the Síminn website.

Project: ENNEMM Site (coverflow)

January 21, 2008

Ennemm Site Project

Just another friendly project announcement! Last week we released a new site for one of Iceland’s biggest ad agencies, ENNEMM. We think it is pretty cool and our client is very happy with the result. Again, we used our Cover Flow engine to stylize the front page – to build a very clean and accessible “campaign gallery” section. The cover flow functionality is a natural fit when it comes to visually browsing through “stuff” and we suspect that we will see more and more of it as a natural and commonly used control for general browsing – both on and off web.

We took great care when it came to motion, movement and functionality – we wanted to keep the site very clean and simple, yet exciting and alluring. The site also needed to be able to feature images, sound and videos within each campaign.

We also created a back-end system for the site, as well. It handles video and image conversions, campaign setup and maintenance.