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Win a Vikings of Thule poster!

July 5, 2010

Gogogic are offering you the chance to win one of these beautiful limited edition Vikings of Thule posters.


To be eligible to win, be creative, go to the thread on the forum, and tell us a backstory to your Viking in the game or tell us why you yourself are a Viking in spirit before 10:00 on the morning of Friday, July 9th. The Vikings of Thule team will then vote on our favorite story on Friday morning.

Let us hear who you are! The contest begins now at this link:!

Press Release: Vikings of Thule Gets a Major Update

June 21, 2010



Vikings of Thule, a unique and engaging MMO for Facebook, is more engaging and challenging than ever with new social features.

REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND – JUNE 21, 2010 – Gogogic announces the release of a new update for their popular and innovative social MMORPG for Facebook, Vikings of Thule.  A major feature included in this update is the “First Touch Rewards“ implementation, where players will receive a handsome reward for visiting each of their in-game friends for the first time.  Players who log in to the game for three consecutive days will also be able to claim a generous reward, adding another method of obtaining wealth.  New dueling backgrounds have been added.  Also included in the update are bug fixes and improvements to the game’s layout.

In Vikings of Thule – you will have to fight bravely and manage your resources carefully in order to climb up the social ladder in the harsh Viking society. Only the most skilled, cunning and respected Vikings will be chosen to join the ancient parliament, or Althingi.

The game introduces a unique battle system that will test your abilities as a Viking warrior against both live online players and an offline AI system.  Should you gain the skills and the prestige needed, you will be able to call upon the aid of Thule’s mythical beasts, the Wights.  The in-game marketplace offers an abundance of beautifully designed weapons, armor, shields, clothing, jewelry and other exquisite items to equip a number of male or female avatars.  Your gear allows you to grow stronger in battle, helping you to gain ranks and earn the respect of others. As you progress in the game you will earn the favor of the gods such as the mighty Odin, Freyja the goddess of fertility and the mischievous Loki, who looks to your skills in looting and plundering.  Play now by visiting

About Gogogic ehf

Headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland, Gogogic ehf – – was created by a group of passionate gamers to build and introduce new and innovative social games on a variety of platforms including social networks, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The company’s mission is to grow and become an exciting, influential provider of innovative and emerging gaming experiences while crossing platforms to enhance each release.

For further information please contact:

Jon Thorsteinsson

Chief Marketing Officer

Tel: +354 899 9249


Help us name our new coffee machine!

June 15, 2010


The Gogogic office just received a beautiful new coffee machine that will watch over our staff and ensure that we are all awake and happy enough to make great games for you to enjoy!

However, we would like your help in naming it!  Some of the in-office suggestions so far have included:

Stella, “The Cow,” Auðhumla,

Smu, R2D2, Kvikindið (means the beast in Icelandic),

Alice, Ding Dong, Junior (reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger masterpiece),

Schwarzenegger, Wall-E, Eve (in reference to Wall-E),

Bruno (in reference to the movie),  Baldr, The Köffmaestro,

BREWMASTER 3000, Hal 9000, Bender (in reference to Futurama),

Gogogic Weather Machine version 2.0, Maud’dib, Candy,

and George.


If you help us come up with a better name or vote on which is your favorite of the above, we will reward you all with a special in-game item!  Be sure to include the link to your Facebook profile so we can keep track of who gets a reward!

Let’s hear your suggestions by posting on this thread on our official forum:!-Help-us-name-our-new-coffee-machine-and-win-a-prize!?p=502#post502

Second chance to earn Glowing Idol of Freyja!

June 3, 2010

Did you miss out on The Ever Glowing Idol of Freyja in April? We have decided to give you another chance to earn it if you do not have it yet! If you do have the item, you will unfortuantely not be awarded a second, so no need to tag us if you participated in this promotion last time.

All you have to do is tag Gogogic in a Facebook status update once in the next 24 hours! This promotion will end on Friday, June 4th at 11:00am GMT! Make sure you see the tag appear on the Gogogic Facebook page, otherwise we won’t be able to record it. If you do not see your tag, just post a message on the wall saying that you tried to tag. 😉

We will keep track of all the tags that appear on our Facebook page, and the item will be deposited into those inventories tomorrow afternoon. Don’t know how to tag? Simply type the @ sign, type Gogogic, and click on our page. May this item bring warmth to the weary hearts of Thule.

The Glowing Idol of Freyja – Sjöfn awards you with the ever-glowing idol of Freyja, the goddess of love and beauty. May its soothing gleam bring warmth to the weary hearts of Thule.

Gain: +10 RP per day

How to Obtain: This is a limited edition gift, given only to players who tag Gogogic in a Facebook status update. This promotion will run once every few weeks for a different amount of time.

Vikings of Thule back online after short maintenance period

May 20, 2010

After some maintenance, Vikings of Thule is back online!  The volcano has spewed the last of its cruel ash, which has caused havoc amongst the game’s common folk over the past days.

Now that the correct number of followers are making their way home, you will be rewarded handsomely for your bravery. Log in now to claim your reward of 350 silver coins!!

Gogogic amongst top companies in Iceland!

May 10, 2010

For the second year in a row, Gogogic has been chosen as one of the best companies in Iceland, based on a survey from the VR work union!

Thank you for the honor, Iceland, and we intend to stay true to this title! 

Gogogic FOR THE WIN!

Gogogic at Nordic Game Conference 2010

April 27, 2010

Nordic Game

Some of the Gogogic team will be at the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö this week. Say hello if you happen to be there!

2009 Jólagogo Winner!

April 19, 2010

Congratulations to the winner of the 2009 Jólagogo competition, who has won a brand new XBox 360!!

Jolagogo Winner

Keep checking our blog and Facebook pages for your chance to win great prizes in the future!

Limited Edition Special Item this week in Vikings of Thule!

April 8, 2010

Glowing Idol of Freyja

The Ever-Glowing Idol of Freyja, the goddess of love and beauty, brings warmth to the weary hearts of Thule. This limited edition special item will give players +10 RP per day!

Want to earn it? It’s simple! All you have to do is tag Gogogic in a Facebook status update once during the next week! Starting now until 10:00 next Thursday, the 15th of April! We will see who does so on the pages, and the item will be deposited into those inventories during the afternoon of the 15th of April. Don’t know how to tag? Simply type the @ sign, and type Gogogic.

Volcanic Eruption in Thule

March 31, 2010

Gogogic paid tribute to the eruption in southern Iceland by including an erupting volcano on the game’s map. The inclusion of this graphic brings real-world news into the exciting online world of Thule. The eruption, which began in the Fimmvörðuhals region of Iceland on the night of Saturday, March 20th, has made headlines and attracted a steady stream of visitors. Players around the world can now share a small part of the excitement brought on by Iceland’s volcanic activity.