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Designing an arrow based on the golden section

January 16, 2009


We here at Gogogic have uncovered an anchient information-design mystery, how to design an arrow that is pleasing to the eye and mathematically perfect.

The design is based on the golden ratio or ‘the golden section’ which is defined like this:

The golden section is a line segment sectioned into two according to the golden ratio. The total length a + b is to the longer segment a as a is to the shorter segment b.

And so it is. If you put together an arrow, begin by setting up the tip of the arrow with a 90° angle. From there you can set the length of the stem based on the height of the tip.

Stem_lenght = tip_height *3

And then set the width of the stem, which should be 2 thirds of the width of the tip.

Stem_width = (tip_width/3)*2

And now you’re done! This arrow is very pleasing to the eye , more noticeble and readable. It can be scaled to any size while keeping the proportions intact.



The Beautiful People

April 14, 2008

We just released a small advergame for Síminn in Iceland. Try your skills in this small game by drumming along with the new ‘Meira Frelsi’ anthem. It’s as simple as one, two three!!

[ UPDATE: My highscore is 4009. ] Try and beat that, post your own score in the comments for this post.

Play the game at the Síminn website.


March 13, 2008


The EnnEmm website has won the Site Of The Day award at DesignLicks for today, 13 March.
Congratulations to all who worked on the project, and to EnnEmm themselves for the exposure.

Nomination for the Icelandic Web Awards 2007

January 30, 2008
Íslensku Vefverðlaunin Tilnefning: Bjartasta Vonin.

 Gogogic has been nominated for the Icelandic Web Awards of 2007, in the category of “Best Newcomer” (Bjartasta Vonin). We are very proud to be nominated. The awards will be presented next friday, 1st February. We are all crossing our fingers and toes.

Gogogic Website Updated

January 22, 2008

 We just updated our website to display our latest projects and ideas. Check it out on

The Winner of Beard-Survivor 2007!!

December 14, 2007

Announcing the winner of Gogogic Beard-Survivor 2007: Bárður Bergsson.

The final round of Beard-Survivor is finally over. Exitement had been at the office all day leading up to the final immunity challange which was a test of endurance, holding a coke bottle outward from your body for the longest. Gummi won the immunity challange, going strong for a brilliant 11mins & 30sec. of holding the bottle.

Gummi chose Bárður to go whith him into the final round, and speak in front of the office jury. The first round of voting resulted in a tie, 2-2, so the winner had to be decided by out-of-office-votes. Both of those votes went straight to Bárður, giving the explenation that he had the better trimmed beard.

Congratulations Bárður, you have won the title of Beard-Survivor 2007, a stylish fake beard and free beard trimming at the barber shop on the corner.

The Winner of Beard Survivor 2007

The Office has Spoken

November 29, 2007

The first round of Beard-Survivor just finished. Suspense was in the air as players cast their votes. And the first person voted out of Gogogic Beard-Survivor is… ME! Yes, Dóri has been voted out and will have to do the “Shave of Shame” tonight…darn it. 

Outwit, Outstyle, Outgrow!

November 27, 2007

Today we are starting The Gogogic Annual Beard-Survivor. This is a simple in-office contest based on the rules of the TV show. The rules are simple.

  1. Players will have to shave off any facial hair on the starting date.
  2. Women players are encouraged to grow hair for the duration of the game, and sport wild hair styles and accessorize.
  3. Beard-Survivor will end on 14. december, ending with one true survivor.
  4. Office council is held twice a week during the lunch break where one player is voted out.
  5. Players that are voted out will continue to cast their vote for the duration of the game.
  6. The voting is private, and the desicion is final, the one with the most votes loses. In case of a tie, players will duel in Guitar Hero III to decide on a winner. Various games will be played during gametime with random winnings; immunity idol, razors, hair-gel, facial cream, etc.
  7. In the final round players will pick a winner, not a castaway.
  8. Prize to be announced.

Game on, gentlemen…

Minor Bun Engine Made Benny Lava

November 22, 2007

We all want to be just like Benny Lava… 

We Want You

November 20, 2007

Gogogic is currently hiring a Flash Developer/Programmer. If you are an ActionScript 2 (or AS3) guru please drop us a few lines through our website,