Vikings of Thule Chapter 1: Slayer of Wyrms released soon!


Years have passed since the settlement of the promised land. Each quadrant has been claimed and many a fine chief have risen. The population is migrating to the land’s four most favored settlements, giving the most able dwarves the incentive to create a new map of Thule. Not only will this move enhance relations, but it allows Viking chiefs to stand side by side in a world teeming with imminent threats.

Prepare yourselves for an exciting expansion to the world of Thule. We are simplifying the game’s layout and paving the way for even more content in the near future with Chapter 1: Slayer of Wyrms. While the current gameplay is basically unchanged, we are adding adventures geared to drawing in new players and building up our player base. This will result in a more active battlefield as new players come into the game. The introduction of our new adventure system might seem simple at first, but it will be expanded upon greatly to include microgames, tactical choices, and indepth stories.

Some points of notice with this expansion are:
•There will now be 4 major settlements. You will automatically be moved to the settlement in your quadrant.
•The map has been redesigned to accommodate upcoming features. While many settlements are gone, no windfalls have been removed.
•We have introduced the first adventure to embark upon. This adventure is a simple introduction to our new adventure system and will pave the way for many more adventures, which will test your wit and skill in upcoming releases.
•Expect many bug fixes and improvements.

Chapter 1 will be released on Monday, August 16th, 2010.

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