Thule is evolving! A major update for Vikings of Thule is released today!


We have been hard at work to make this latest update something really special. We are adding many long-awaited features and improvements to make Vikings of Thule the best it has ever been! This latest update will include:

  • Introduction of Witches! Players will now be able to convert freemen into Witches, which produce runes each day.
  • In-Game Messaging System! Yes, you can now send messages to other Vikings. Simply click the avatar, or select a name in the settlement list, and click “Send Message.” The message will appear in that player’s inbox, where they can then reply if they so choose.
  • Changes to Manage tab and Followers.
  • Your followers now require some upkeep. As any leader knows, followers cost money and resources. The price depends on the type of follower.
  • Each Peasant will cost 2 ore per day.
  • Each Huskarl will cost 10 ore per day.
  • Each Jarl will cost 60 resources.
  • Each Witch will cost 5 ore and 10 resources per day.
  • The cost is deducted every day, so be sure to keep a good amount of ore and resources, otherwise your followers will stop producing assets.
  • Each land unit allows players to have 20 followers. If a player has more followers than the land permits, excess followers will be removed in the following order: Freemen, Jarls, Witches, Huskarls, Peasants. These rules will take effect in one week, so you have time to sell any excess Followers.
  • Many new special items are available in the marketplace.
    Bug fixes and Data Script corrections.
    Most of the bugs that have been interrupting the dueling system should have been fixed. Duels should no longer freeze.
    Datascript has been corrected in the special items that were not working. All special items should be working correctly again.

All of this is coming today! If you would like to see what else is planned for the future of the game, or would like to make any suggestions, please visit our official forums at

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