More about the Vikings of Thule Update


Gogogic releases a new update for Vikings of Thule on January 19th, 2010. This update will include:
New features:
Many new items are now available in the marketplace
Gain RP by wearing garments, having the best armor, or wielding devastating weapons.
The “buy” button has been activated and you may now purchase silver coins.

Arrange and save the order of cards in your deck.
Prevent accidental trades or sales with new confirmation windows.
Instantly move positions in your “Friends Bar” as you rank higher.
Text changes have been made throughout the game.

Bug Fixes:
Duel gains have been fixed to give the correct amounts.
Player profiles now show their special items and Wight.
Player names no longer linger in the duel lobby after they have left.
Minor fixes have been applied to the management of land and followers section.
Some issues, which previously caused the game to freeze, have been fixed.
We have hopefully fixed all bugs concerning cards in the deck vanishing or being grayed out.
Players at rank 107 no longer show negative RP.
Game sounds have been improved.
Players should now receive the correct amount of points and rewards throughout the game.

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