Vikings of Thule Reset: The Beta Continues



The Open Beta session for Vikings of Thule has come to a close and today the game will be reset. We assembled a terrific test crew on Facebook and the time Beta testers spent playing, their feedback and enthusiasm are highly appreciated. All Beta testers’ comments and feature requests have been taken into account and the next time Beta testers log in, they are encouraged to have a look in their inventory, where a special item can be found as a token of our appreciation.

We’ve been working extremely hard to bring our players a great update. The new, rebalanced Beta version includes cool, new features, new assets, powerful moves and an improved social interaction. It also introduces ways to earn Silver Coins, which allow players to buy exquisite equipment, beautiful clothing and divine, limited edition items.

Everyone who donates (done by clicking the shiny yellow button at the top of the game screen) will be rewarded an in-game silver chest! Silver Chests ensure a steady income of Silver Coins and strengthen players’ chances of becoming one of the 39 who hold a vote at Thule’s parliament: Althingi.

Here’s a peek at our roadmap:

  • New Fascinating Game Modes
  • More Assets
  • More Moves
  • Improved battle system
  • Quests & Missions
  • Player alliances
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Wagers
  • In-game messages
  • + more

We’re really excited about the new and better Beta version awaiting players in the world of Thule. Click here to play.

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