Vikings of Thule Promo Site and Teaser Video


We’ve just launched the promotional site for Vikings of Thule. Check out the Teaser Video, head over to the promo site for screen shots and sign up as a Beta tester. The Beta will be available late summer / early fall and we’re counting on you to help us develop the coolest casual online mmog to date!


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4 Responses to “Vikings of Thule Promo Site and Teaser Video”

  1. col000r Says:

    I hate teasers… why make a video that shows _nothing_? You got my attention, so tell me about the game! 😦

  2. Jónas Antonsson Says:

    Sorry to hear you hate teasers – we love’em! More about the game at <– promotional site. It's all good. Screen shots and stuff.


  3. col000r Says:

    that feels better, thanks! 🙂

  4. Pam Says:


    I’d appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our iphone app iLightFarts

    I realize that you are iphone app guru 🙂 It’d be swell if you can place an honest review of our app.

    Thank you,

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