Icelandic Gaming Industry takes shape



Yesterday (Saturday, May 10th 2009), Gogogic participated in the first formal event hosted by the Icelandic Gaming Industry – a newly established organization that is supposed to act as a formal network for gaming professionals in Iceland and the companies they work for.

The event took place at the premises of The Ministry of Ideas – a very interesting grassroots organization that focuses on moving ideas from head to mouth to action. Companies that participated included industry leaders CCP and Betware, Cadia Lab, Sauma Technologies, On The Rocks, Mindgames, Ymir Mobile and, of course, Gogogic.

The companies both introduced themselves and included information on the state of the gaming industry in Iceland. Most speakers mentioned the opportunities that Iceland has when it comes to game development.

Additionally, four of the eight companies present, were amongst those ranked as the best places to work at in Iceland (Gogogic was one  of them), according to yearly survey results, published on Friday. One of Iceland’s largest worker unions is responsible for this particular survey and in recent years it has become a leading way to evaluate how workers feel about their companies.

Gogogic is very proud to be amongst those who founded the Icelandic Gaming Industry. We see this as a huge step in formalizing communication, industry networking, education efforts, contacts with other organizations and see to the overall conditions for both people and companies in Iceland. Here are a few facts:

  • 575 people employed by Icelandic game companies
  • 311 are positioned in Iceland
  • 120 – 150 additional people needed in the next 12-18 months (estimates)
  • At least 7 companies are up and running already (approximately 1 company started each year)
  • 1/3 the size of the Finnish game industry (games are Finland’s leading cultural export product)

Visit the Icelandic Gaming Industry and check out the slides presented yesterday. Our slides are here (hint – they include the first ever public screen shots from our upcoming title – Vikings of Thule!)

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4 Responses to “Icelandic Gaming Industry takes shape”

  1. erik fjelstrom Says:

    i was just wondering how i might be able to apply for work. i may not have much experience in the gaming industry, but i do have some accounting background, and i am very good with numbers.

    i came across this info in a travel book about iceland. i would like any feedback as to any possibilities regarding working in iceland (or over here in the u.s. for an icelandic company).


    erik fjelstrom

  2. erik fjelstrom Says:

    i am interested in working in iceland (or for an icelandic company). i may not have much experience in the gaming industry, but i do have a somewhat limited accounting background.

    i would like any information you might give me regarding this.


    erik fjelstrom

  3. Jan Mjellberg Says:

    you would probably be best to contact them directly via their website at erik – you should get pointed in the right direction then 🙂

  4. Says:

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    more purpose to have an structured process in-place to help reduce time it takes to make use of this free money whenever you store.

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