Ten things you probably didn’t know about Gogogic




It occurred to us, here at the office, that most people  (probably almost everyone in the world, in fact) do not know very much about our company. We understand that figuring this out might not generally be considered a major accomplishment, but we’re still pretty proud of ourselves.

Of course we interpret our realization as a task that needs to be analyzed and solved. We’re just AnaLitycal, that way. So here is a list of ten things you probably did not know about Gogogic:

  1. 15 people work at Gogogic – 13 guys, 2 gals
  2. We’ve been around for 3 years : 2006-2008 –> building a foundation. 2009 –> building a brand
  3. We focus on casual games for the web and the iPhone/iPod Touch devices
  4. Symbol6 is our first iPhone game
  5. Casual game-play doesn’t necessarily mean small games – we’re working on a couple of casual MMOGs as well
  6. We have worked on a lot of on-line marketing projects for other companies (Flash, Social Interaction Sites). These projects have enabled us to grow and pay for development of our initial games
  7. The rumors are true. We’ve both made and played sock puppets for money – www.myicelandsocks.com
  8. We were the first Icelandic company to receive a grant from The Nordic Game Program
  9. If you google “flash coverflow” we’re  in the top 1-5 results – our coverflow blog post has been read 15.000 times or about 30 times every day, on average (46 hits yesterday actually)
  10. We have a group on Facebook, our CEO twitters constantly and we pretty much have a need to check out everything that’s new and shiny

BONUS : The name Gogogic means absolutely nothing. It is basically gibberish. No matter where we look it up, we know that everything we find is directly related to us. Makes “ego surfing” That Much Easier!

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3 Responses to “Ten things you probably didn’t know about Gogogic”

  1. Jónsi Says:

    I always thought gogogic -> gogo logic -> game logic? -_-

  2. Mike Says:

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  3. Jónas Antonsson Says:

    Gogogic <– Go go geek

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