Two Years Old


birthdayGogogic recently crawled over the 2 year mark – which is a pretty good thing. It means that we’re still around while statistics show that a lot of companies fall apart when trying to take their first steps. The first two years are crucial. And we are alive and kicking – healthy and growing! So far, so good.

So, we held a party last Friday. Of course we bought too much beer – but maybe that was sub-consciously on purpose… who knows? Anyway, the party was brilliant – which was good, since this is the first time we hold a party where we invite “other people” to come look at us (like in a zoo), our work and our oh-so-plain-and-dull desks.

But here’s the real point of the post. When we sent out a reminder for our party, we wanted to do something that would catch the eye of those who took a look at our reminder. We wanted them to really really (really) remember the party invitation. So we set up a little flash “poster”. Sorry, its in Icelandic – but anyone should be able to enjoy this… just as long as you don’t touch the bunnies!



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