Feeling hot in Amsterdam


amsterdam hotel

We’ve reached Amsterdam. Just barely. When I woke up this morning I had a fever (39.3 degrees celcius) and I wasn’t really able to move about much witout falling down. It is also a little incorrect to talk about “waking up” because I didn’t really sleep last night – “I was drifting in and out of consiousness”, would be a better description. So initially I thought I would have to cancel my trip and send Guðmundur (CTO) to Amsterdam on his own.

But I threw down a couple of industrial strength painkillers and an impressive dose of anti-biotics, which the doctor gave me yesterday. After a while I decided that I felt good enough to travel but by then I had already told Guðmundur that I couldn’t go and he had already left for the airport. So I called a taxi, generated 10 pounds of cold sweat on my way to the airport, barely got there in time to check in (they had to stall the plain for me), found my seat and collapsed. But I made it and thanks to a wonderful collection of synthetic drugs I now feel pretty good 🙂

We went to collect our conference badges earlier and stayed for a little Pre-Funk (party). But since I want to be able to function properly over the next few days I decided that it would be wise to head home early tonight. There are a lot of interesting presentations tomorrow morning, that I really wouldn’t want to miss.

Anyway. If someone who is attending Casual Connect Amsterdam 2008, reads this, then please send me a line. jonas [at] gogogic.com


p.s. The picture is taken from our hotel window.


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