Project: ENNEMM Site (coverflow)


Ennemm Site Project

Just another friendly project announcement! Last week we released a new site for one of Iceland’s biggest ad agencies, ENNEMM. We think it is pretty cool and our client is very happy with the result. Again, we used our Cover Flow engine to stylize the front page – to build a very clean and accessible “campaign gallery” section. The cover flow functionality is a natural fit when it comes to visually browsing through “stuff” and we suspect that we will see more and more of it as a natural and commonly used control for general browsing – both on and off web.

We took great care when it came to motion, movement and functionality – we wanted to keep the site very clean and simple, yet exciting and alluring. The site also needed to be able to feature images, sound and videos within each campaign.

We also created a back-end system for the site, as well. It handles video and image conversions, campaign setup and maintenance.



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4 Responses to “Project: ENNEMM Site (coverflow)”

  1. renaat Says:

    I’ve got a little question, how do you transform the images (i suppose they are separate mc’s) when they flip side way’s?
    I first tried something with the matrix transformation class, but that didn’t work (it seems that i can’t get real perspective with this transformation).
    I might try it with displacement map transformations on a bitmap.

    I’m a student and really eager to know just how your transformations where done.
    (I’m not asking for any source-code)

  2. Ari Says:

    There is no native way to do this in the flash player, instead I had to split the image up into several triangles and skew them to make it look like it was being distorted (a well known distortion method). The more triangles we split it up into, the better the distortion but also the more process power it takes. I am actually using very few triangles in this solution, you can see it if you look really carefully (straight lines bend a little, etc) for optimal performance.

    There are many resources available about this sort of image/sprite distortion, and if you google “as3 distortimage” (without quotes) you’ll get many great sources on the first page, including demos and source codes.

  3. Reinis Says:


    do you by any chance sell cover flow component for commercial use?

    Thanks much

  4. Engelkes Says:

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