Merry Christmas from Gogogic – Play our JólaGoGo Christmas Game!


UPDATE: The game is still playable but there are no more prizes to be won! Current winners will be announced soon!

This is it!

The second year in a row, we bring you our annual Christmas Game / Greeting. How cool is this! Getting a game, instead of a boring greeting card?

But just to outdo ourselves completely, we teamed up with Iceland Express ( so we could hand out three roundtrip tickets to/from their selected locations. One ticket will go to the best gamer out there –the one that beats the high score list, a minute before midnight on December 31st (Icelandic time) – and two tickets will go to lucky lottery winners. The only thing needed is your email address and your full name.

So please enjoy yourself tremendously and feel free to forward this email to all your friends and family. We want to spread joy to as many people as we possibly can – and you can certainly help us.

The Gogogic Team wishes you a very happy holiday!



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