The Winner of Beard-Survivor 2007!!


Announcing the winner of Gogogic Beard-Survivor 2007: Bárður Bergsson.

The final round of Beard-Survivor is finally over. Exitement had been at the office all day leading up to the final immunity challange which was a test of endurance, holding a coke bottle outward from your body for the longest. Gummi won the immunity challange, going strong for a brilliant 11mins & 30sec. of holding the bottle.

Gummi chose Bárður to go whith him into the final round, and speak in front of the office jury. The first round of voting resulted in a tie, 2-2, so the winner had to be decided by out-of-office-votes. Both of those votes went straight to Bárður, giving the explenation that he had the better trimmed beard.

Congratulations Bárður, you have won the title of Beard-Survivor 2007, a stylish fake beard and free beard trimming at the barber shop on the corner.

The Winner of Beard Survivor 2007


One Response to “The Winner of Beard-Survivor 2007!!”

  1. Lady Elin Says:

    I want a recount of the votes, for all I know Jeb Bush was the invigilator and I don’t trust him. Go Gummi!

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