Beard Survivor Leads to Office Pranks


One thing Ari most certainly is not, is gracious in defeat. In fact, most of the office fell victim to his mad rage, brought on by his expulsion from Beard Survivor yesterday. These horrible images – which capture Ari at the scene of the “crime”, marveling at his own evil genious – speak for themselves…

gummis desk

Gunnis desk

Bardurs desk




4 Responses to “Beard Survivor Leads to Office Pranks”

  1. Jónas Antonsson Says:

    Here are a few details. Ari took each item on the desk that was covered with the local newspaper, wrapped it in paper and re-placed it on the exact same spot that he took it from.

    Ari used 6 post-it pads to cover the second desk. He used 5 spray cans of fake snow to cover the collophane wrapped desk. The owner wasn’t too happy when he un-wrapped it (literally) because the fake snow was very sticky and pretty hard to get rid of.

    Ari needs to clean up the office floor a.s.a.p.


  2. Ari Says:

    8 post-it pads 😉
    And the floor looks better this way, fits well with the christmas theme and what not.

  3. Árni Hermann Reynisson Says:

    Sounds suspiciously familiar. I bet I have seen someone perform a similar prank before…

  4. Goofus Says:

    Hey would love to have the 1st pic posted on Would you consider submitting it?

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