The office has spoken (again)…


Beard Survivor continues! Bárður won immunity and I was voted off today (Jónas Antonsson). There was a lot of back stabbing going on. Those responsible will pay. Mark my words. This is how I feel right now… #”#$%$%&#$%&#$#”#”$&#%&$#”%$%&



3 Responses to “The office has spoken (again)…”

  1. Siggi Gunn Says:

    Sore loser!!!!

  2. Siggi Gunn Says:

    Forgot one thing. I guys must add pictures for those of us who are not present. Maybe a live feed from the “voting ceremony”.

  3. Halldór Andri Bjarnason Says:

    We are about to add flickr to the blog in the next few days, stay tuned.

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