*Grzzltz* Gear Shift



If Gogogic could be magically converted from a company into a toy, it would look like this. Fast, compact and ultra cool. Maybe not neon green… but Hey! We’re not complaining.

Our (very) fast pace has left little room for this blog lately. That’s about to change. We want to open up a little. Show people some of our magic tricks and some of the office insanity that grows ever wilder. Our annual Beard Survivor is currently under way. The first “vote-off” is just minutes away. The tension is terrifying. I think the designers have made an alliance. Maybe they’re coming after me? Dammit…

But I digress. We are going to blog regularly from now on. We also want to post some of our more experimental stuff and some of the prototypes and concepts that we’ve made earlier or are currently on the table. Hopefully we’ll be able to post something along those lines really soon… maybe early next week even.

I have to stop now. I hear whispers. They’re plotting something in the meeting room…



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