Outwit, Outstyle, Outgrow!


Today we are starting The Gogogic Annual Beard-Survivor. This is a simple in-office contest based on the rules of the TV show. The rules are simple.

  1. Players will have to shave off any facial hair on the starting date.
  2. Women players are encouraged to grow hair for the duration of the game, and sport wild hair styles and accessorize.
  3. Beard-Survivor will end on 14. december, ending with one true survivor.
  4. Office council is held twice a week during the lunch break where one player is voted out.
  5. Players that are voted out will continue to cast their vote for the duration of the game.
  6. The voting is private, and the desicion is final, the one with the most votes loses. In case of a tie, players will duel in Guitar Hero III to decide on a winner. Various games will be played during gametime with random winnings; immunity idol, razors, hair-gel, facial cream, etc.
  7. In the final round players will pick a winner, not a castaway.
  8. Prize to be announced.

Game on, gentlemen…


One Response to “Outwit, Outstyle, Outgrow!”

  1. Jónas Says:

    The competition will be fierce and I already detect that it is starting to affect company morale. Alliances are afoot…


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