The age of Casual MMOGs (or Boutique MMOGs)


When Gogogic was founded last year, I had a vague feeling that times were just about to become very interesting for online games that utilized some sort of a rich client technology (like Flash). That feeling was based on years of following casual and online game development, along with an educated guess that was founded on my experience as a systems designer and architect.

It was obvious to me that, eventually, online games would become solid enough to run on basic online application architecture, which would basically turn them into some sort of casual MMOs or, at least, strong multiplayer games with a solid back-end system. This is the same development that had happened earlier with basic web site creation, where richer tools for GUI design and better solutions for back-end connectivity paved the way to what is now called “Web 2.0” – internet applications which are usable, scalable, extendable and can replace downloadable apps (stand-alone or client/server based).

The release of Flash CS3 and SilverLight from Microsoft are important steppingstones for the future of online games (although Adobe might want to consider boosting their efforts now that the Big Blue Giant has caught on). These tools take us one step closer to building rich and immersive worlds that are accessible through any browser, where a player can easily, quickly and regularly be whisked away to a digital place “far far away”. This is where Gogogic is going and we hope most of you will be joining us 😉

For those interested in this subject, please read the following:

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Lost Garden (Danc) on Boutique MMOGs



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