Happy birthday CCP


CCP LogoLast night I attended a fantastic party at NASA, a Reykjavik nightclub, as CCP celebrated their 10th birthday. The Icelandic game conglomerate revealed their already well known financial success by inviting a few hundred people to celebrate with them. Food, wine and entertainment was completely taken care of by the host.

I think everyone there must have had a good time. The atmosphere certainly suggested it. Also the way people applauded two of the founders when they were honored for their efforts and relentless entrepreneurial work. They received hand crafted Viking swords. I was jealous, along with most of the other geeks in the room (note to friends and family – I want a handcrafted Viking sword for my next birthday).

I want to thank the people at CCP for inviting me and my staff to the party. Being “the other” Icelandic game company is much easier when you’ve got a success story in front of you and CCP has certainly proven to be such a story.

I would be very happy if Gogogic could throw a similar party when the company reaches the ten year mark.



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